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A Time for Rest and Reflection

"I want to learn to rest

like a tree in winter"

- Heather Plett

As the days grow shorter and much of the living world slows down, we may find our own rhythms slowing, too. Around us, the human world is as busy as ever - holiday shopping, work events, family gatherings - and we might find ourselves powering through, trying to keep up. But what if, instead, we gave ourselves permission to slow down? What if we honoured this natural impulse to rest?

In our December Mindfulness & Creativity drop-in, we'll explore restorative mindfulness practices, then give our minds some quiet space to reflect. What have you learned this year? What would you like to remember - about mindfulness, creativity, yourself? There's no need to find an answer; it's enough to simply sit with the questions, open to whatever might arise - offering yourself the gift of your own presence.

Image by Hide Obara

P.S. If you'd like to explore more restorative practices this month, here's Restmas from Heart & Bones Yoga!


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