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It's the season of Restmas* - a time for rest and renewal that seems especially needed this year.

Image by MJ Boswell

We spoke last class about how important it is for our well-being and the creative process to give ourselves permission to rest. Just as the inhale feeds the exhale, rest feeds creativity. By pausing our busy doing, we can get in touch with what's here - seeing if we can simply be with our experience. In this state of being, there's nothing to do or undo, nowhere to go, and nothing we need to become.

Join us for our December Mindfulness & Creativity drop-in as we move through restorative mindfulness practices, allowing ourselves to slow down and be with ourselves, just as we are.

*Thank you to Heart & Bones Yoga for "Restmas"!


“In order to find out how to say what must be said, you have to go to the place where there are no words. And you can only do that by going through yourself and intimately contacting the world. And then often, language will come forward from that.” - Peter Levitt

Photo credit: MJ Boswell from Annapolis, Md, USA [CC BY 2.0 (].


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