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Kind Words
From our Community

Image by Laura Gilchrist

About Hannah

“Hannah is an excellent facilitator who holds a space of compassion and empathy for the participants. The depth and strength of her personal practice is very clear from her profound facilitation skills. I admire her ability to be clear, compassionate…while making the participants feel safe and heard.” - Aabha G.

"I appreciated her ability to focus on aspects of our comments and hone in on important questions that allowed participants to expand their perspectives.” - Steve L.

“Wonderful! Amazing! I love your creative, playful approach.” - Anon.


“I could tell Hannah is really passionate about sharing the knowledge and practice of mindfulness with others.” - Anon.

“Your loving kindness was going through the screen. Your calm energy was very soothing.” - Véronique B.

“Wonderful. Generous, clear…Supports people who are struggling very well.” - L.W.


“Excellent! Hannah has an amazing voice and is great at drawing people out during open discussions.” - Liz F.


“Hannah impressed me by her knowledge, her caring personality and her skill…I felt I was in the presence of a non-judgemental friend who was interested in what I and the other participants had to say.” - Sue H.


“Hannah is so skilled it's a bit mind blowing. You feel that she is very advanced in her practice and demonstrates it in her interactions with us students. Excellent listener. I appreciated the written support and suggestions she provided when I reached out to her with questions.” - L.

“Hannah created a calming space, reminded us to be kind to ourselves and by extension others.” - Anon.

About Recent Programs

“It has the potential to be what so many of us need - acceptance, curiosity, focus, kindness…It felt so wonderful to fe[el] so heard and supported in our individual and collective journey.” - L.W.


“It is so beneficial. It causes one to slow down, listen to hear, and learn about oneself in a deeper but kind and compassionate way.” - Sue B. 

“It helped me find that home was within me, not outside somewhere to be sought after…I felt a difference in my heart. A shift from thinking and doing towards feeling and noticing.” - Vicki H.

“This is a well-honed program…There are multiple practices taught and mindful inquiry is used in each class bringing depth and clarity to one’s thoughts.” - S.H.

“I would hope that others who take MBSR have such a caring and empathetic group as we had for this iteration of the course; I think it would be rare to meet someone who would not benefit from MBSR. It isn't a single thing; it becomes what an individual wants it to be for them.” - Sheila S.


“I would recommend this to everyone. MBSR is such a valuable tool for resiliency and caring for oneself…Loved loved loved the trauma sensitive approach.” - Katrina S.


“It was very helpful and very well facilitated and organized…Fabulous class, looking forward to more offerings!!!!!” - K.K.


“In this busy, sometimes complicated society we can all use mindfulness.” - Jane L.


“It can change your life for the better!” - Erin R.

We'd love to hear from you! If you have feedback you'd like to share about our programs or other resources, reach out to us anytime!

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