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Start Small

I've noticed a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed right now - by the news, by fear, by a sense of helplessness in the face of the pandemic.

Image by Bruno Kelzer

I've noticed it in myself, too, a kind of sensory overload that can leave me with a lack of energy and motivation. At times, I need to give myself permission to do "nothing" - to rest or read or watch a TV show that makes me laugh. Other times, I need to encourage myself to do something small, something I know will shift my energy and remind me of what's most important to me. Meditation and mindful movement have a way of helping me return to my body, my senses, and my deepest intentions. But it's slow, gentle work.

As David Whyte writes:

Start close in,

don't take the second step

or the third,

start with the first


close in,

the step

you don't want to take.

Start with

the ground

you know,

the pale ground

beneath your feet,

your own

way of starting

the conversation...

I wish you all well, and I hope to see you in our April Mindfulness & Creativity drop-in! Alongside our meditation practice, we'll continue this conversation, finding ways to start small in our creative work and our daily life.


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