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An Invitation to Rest

It’s the season of Restmas, and my intention was to have a restful and restorative class on Sunday. But then, life took an unexpected turn. I was in Jasper skiing, and hit a slippery patch and lost control, hitting a rock that sent me flying. I now have a broken leg and am awaiting a call to go in for surgery in the next couple of days. I’m sorry to say that I will have to cancel our class this month. I’m hoping we can join together soon for community practice – I’ll be in touch when I’m able to set a date!

Until then, I wish you many moments of peace and rest! Perhaps you could slow down with me – taking deep breaths, slow steps, savouring whatever moments of beauty and joy happen to come your way. Earlier today, leaving the house for my CT scan, and waiting for my husband to pull up the car, I was struck by the quiet beauty of the morning, the fresh winter air, the empty street sparkling with new snow. I felt so grateful. In the two days since my accident, amidst the moments of pain and grief, I’ve been surprised by all the moments of gratitude – for my working leg and working arms, for my body's efforts to repair itself, for kind doctors and nurses, for all the amazing, supportive people around me. I’m grateful, too, for the reminder to honour my limits, moment-by-moment, and go as slow as I need – one of those lessons I keep needing to relearn!

As we enter the busy holiday season and the longest nights of winter, I hope we can all remember to take care of ourselves – with rest, good company, art, nature, whatever nourishes and supports us right now.

Sending loving-kindness to you all!



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