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What If It's All Part of the Practice?

In our meditation practice, we notice the movement of our attention - from an intended focus to a stream of thought, back to an intended focus, to a strong sensation, a sound, a thought of judgement, a feeling of frustration - whatever it is, whatever is here, it's part of the practice. Sometimes, the experience is one of relaxation and steadiness. Other times, there might be restlessness, discomfort, struggle. The intention isn't to find perfection, it's to work with ourselves just the way we are.

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What if we applied this attitude to our creative practice? Is it possible to let go of perfection and other expectations for what we're creating? When unwanted visitors - lack of inspiration, the inner critic - show up, is it possible to see them as a natural part of the creative practice? And when this is a challenge, can we remember to be kind and patient with ourselves?

In our November Mindfulness & Creativity drop-in, we'll explore these questions through our mindfulness practices.


Following straight lines shortens distances, and also life. - Antonio Porchia


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