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Cultivating Trust

Last month, we started to explore the territories of doubt and trust - two attitudes that can be understood as existing on a spectrum with doubt on one end and trust at the other. For those of you who joined us, I'm curious to know what you're learning. How does doubt show up for you in your life and creative work? Under what conditions do you notice it? How about trust? Are you able to connect to moments of trust - in yourself, in your creative work, in others?

Image by Braulio Gomez

For many of us, the experience of doubt - second-guessing, worrying, fear - takes up a lot of energy and attention. Meanwhile, moments of trust - those moments of faith or confidence in ourselves and others, where we might "forget ourselves," "get out of our own way," let life flow through us - may seem far too brief, or may even pass by unnoticed.

In our meditations and reflections in the next Mindfulness & Creativity drop-in, we'll explore the potential value of connecting to moments of trust when they arise. We'll get curious about how trust shows up for us, and under what conditions it appears. Doubt may be a visitor, too - in which case, we'll notice how doubt makes itself known, and perhaps discover how quickly we can slide along the spectrum moving between states of doubt and trust. By the end of class, we may have a better sense of how to cultivate a sense of trust in our creative practice and our lives.

There's no need to have attended last month to join us!


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