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Begin Again

What if you could begin again? Not start over or redo what's already been done, but begin anew in this moment? This sentence as the first sentence. This breath as the first breath. This moment as the first moment. Not bogged down by whatever has already happened - the frustrations, the perceived failures, the "should" and "would" haves. Those are all far away, as if from some other life.

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Sometimes I imagine that I have just entered my life in this moment. Found myself in this body, this room, this day of the year. The first thing I notice is curiosity, sometimes even a sense of wonder. It's pretty remarkable to be here at all! Then I explore: What's here? Usually, it's a bit different from my ideas about what's here - who I am, what I should do, how the world is. It refreshes my perspective. If I've been feeling stuck, the moment softens and becomes more pliable. If I've been feeling sluggish, the moment brightens and comes alive. I may feel I have a greater capacity than I previously thought. I'm more able to imagine and trust other possibilities, which can help me out of whatever rut I've been in. Although the effects last only a few moments, they can be meaningful ones. And when they pass, I can always begin again.

In our September Mindfulness & Creativity drop-in, we'll explore beginning again in our meditations and as a path to creativity. We'll notice what happens when we endeavour to see what's here now with fresh eyes, a beginner's mind. What effect does it have? Is it difficult or strange or exciting? Could it be a way to revitalize our creative practice, our daily lives? We'll consider these questions together!


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